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A compilation of quotations and proverbs from the most enlightened, intelligent, and forward thinkers in human history regarding the most important aspects of life. Compiled and arranged to give the reader a clear direction in their life based on their internal needs, wants, and desires.

While no one on Earth is special, everyone is unique. Nobody past, present, or future has gone through or has had the same thoughts and experiences as you, nor will they in the future. As a result, you see the world in a completely unique way. Studying these volumes will guide your mind's eye in distinguishing the most significant passages to you and your being as well as reaffirming or contradicting what you already know and believe, by the wisest people throughout history. Out of the thousands of quotes and proverbs within these volumes, your personality will subconsciously pick out the most relevant quotes and proverbs to you and you alone.

It would be a mistake to concentrate on only one topic because all subjects are connected to aid you in reaching your own epiphany. Many of the most profound quotes and proverbs are recorded under various topics throughout the book. Though you may only be interested in "Success & Failure," many of the quotes and proverbs attributed to success can also be found under "Leadership," "Attitude," or even "Life, Purpose, & Growth," for example.

The aim of this huge collection of human wisdom is enlightenment: to assist the readers in realizing what is truly important in life, as well as to find their true self; to shatter the illusions that everyone builds for themselves through false assumptions and stereotypes; to find their true inner being; to find purpose; and, most importantly, to discover what makes them and them alone happy.

To receive the full benefit of these volumes and to fully immerse yourself in self-discovery, you must commit to studying the entire collection. If you only want a hint of what’s important in life, then limit yourself to a single volume.

Read and carefully study all the volumes as well as all the topics to wake yourself up, gain insight, break through the illusions you’ve built for yourself, and live a life free from regret.

Live. Love. Learn. Leave a legacy.

- Stephen Covey 1932 – 2012; American educator, author, businessman, lecturer & professor. 

- Ancient Chinese proverb

Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.

- Oscar Wilde 1854 – 1900; Irish writer, poet, & playwright.

It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind.

- Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet) 1694 – 1778; French writer, historian, philosopher, & poet. 

 Justice... is a kind of compact not to harm or be harmed.

- Epicurus 341 BC – 270 BC; Greek philosopher. 

Review - Inspiring

By Ricky M. Hansen Jr.
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This is an amazing and inspiring collection of quotes. This book is well-organized, well-researched, and will prove to help many! Life Lessons of Wisdom and Motivation is enlightening in many ways and self-empowering in others. This book will help many break down personal barriers, and give them the energy and fortitude to push on, go forward, and to create a fulfilling life.

This is like none other - Well done!

 Silence is a source of great strength.

- Lao Tzu (Laozi) 6th century BC; Ancient Chinese philosopher. 

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

- Thomas Jefferson 1743 – 1826; One of the founding fathers of U.S., the principal author

 If God is just, I tremble for my country.

- Thomas Jefferson 1743 – 1826; One of the founding fathers of U.S., the principal author of the Declaration of Independence, & 3rd president of U.S.

Democracy is a form of government that substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.

- George Bernard Shaw 1856 – 1950; Irish playwright, co-founder of London School of Economics, critic, journalist, Nobel Prize winner, & Oscar winner.  

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

- Plato 428 BC – 347 BC; Greek philosopher, mathematician, founder of Academy of Athens (the first institute of higher learning), student of Socrates & teacher of Aristotle.

Necessity knows no law where there is famine.  (Necessity has no law.)

- Portuguese Proverb

Review - No repeats!

5.0 out of 5 stars NO repeats!!,
Prateek Gupta 
This review is from: Life Lessons of Wisdom and Motivation - Volume III: Insightful, Enlightened and Inspirational quotations and proverbs (Kindle Edition)
So many other quote books made for a quick buck keep repeating themselves. Loved the
fact that I didn't find repeats in this book. Very motivational and inspirational.

Are you a politician asking what your country can do for you or a zealous one asking what you can do for your country? If you are the first, then you are a parasite; if the second, then you are an oasis in the desert.

- Khalil Gibran 1883 – 1931; Lebanese artist, poet, & writer.

Divide and rule. (Divide and conquer. The best way to conquer or control a group of people is by encouraging them to fight among themselves rather than allowing them to unite in opposition to the ruling authority.)

- German Proverb