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Welcome - This page is for my new upcoming project titled 
"Life Lessons 2:  Finding your Passions, Purpose, and Power".  
The project is currently in the funding stage and expected to be completed by the end of 2016.

Please help support this very important new Book.

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Cover of Life Lessons 2:  Finding Your Passions, Purpose, & Power. 

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Life Lesson 2: Finding Your Passion,Purpose, & Power.

Most of us go through life in a fog or without any direction trying to make sense of it all by trial and error, following societal norms, or are given a path not of our choosing.  For most of us, Life chooses where we go instead of us choosing where we want, need, or should go.  This all stems from the confusion that comes from not knowing who we are or what motivates us.

Many settle for whatever that comes their way, rather than pursuing well thought out goals based on self-realization of they're choices, values, or needs. They end up feeling that life has no meaning, satisfaction, purpose. Which leads them to feel trapped, de-motivated, and without any drive to live up to their full potential.

We all eventually make this self discovery but for most this self discovery comes too late to have any meaningful impact in their life or legacy. The precious little time we all get is consumed by discovery instead of action, achievement, or in pursuit of our full development.

With your help, I aim to streamline and prioritize the discovery stage to assist the reader figure out, on their own terms who they are and who they want to be. Where they are and where they should be going. Proper assessment in this stage can have immense benefits to an individual's life giving lasting meaning and contentment as well as benefiting all of humanity.

My name is M.I. Seka and I’m an impassioned Motivational Life author. I have extensive experience in management, sales, finance, and motivation.  In my career and life I've studied extensively and passionately what & why some people attain great success, happiness, motivation, and contentment while others fizzle and never come close to reaching their full potential. The answer to this question is simple as it is complex, for everyone of us is unique with our own hopes and fears.

I've written several books that can be found on Amazon and, that help readers find insight and motivation by enlightening them to what other successful people before them have come to know.

In these books, I assist readers in discovering their own inspiration and personal values without spelling it out for them.  I present information in a way that the reader, themselves can then extract the insight needed based on
their own needs, wants, and unique life perspective to achieve some sort of enlightenment, inspiration, motivation, and/or success.

The Project

I’m currently working on a book about discovering an individual's true passion and purpose in life.  Finding who they are, what motivates or excites them, and what courses of action they should take to further their talents and development.  This book will be written in a way to help extract the map that is already within everyone, known by every cell of their being, and to bring that map into their consciousness.

Clarifying personal values, internal needs, wants, desires, skills, and abilities are a critical first step toward understanding an individual's own definition of success and or failure and finding a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 

The combination of these are highly individual, therefore cannot be painted with one brush or taught, they must be drawn out.  Clarifying who you are makes you resilient like a storm-lashed tree with deep roots during a heavy storm which we call life.

Knowledge without motivation/action is useless, which is why my
writing style advocates motivation, inspiration, and above all, action to help the readers reach their highest potential with the ultimate goal using your gifts in helping their fellow beings, environment, and future generations.

Risks & Challenges

Although the subject matter/book is extremely important to produce to aid current and future peoples gain an insight into who they are, what motivates them, and how to use that insight/talent to help them and the world around them.  I'm finding it very difficult given my current schedule and responsibility to complete this book in a timely manner, as I’m working full time 6 days a week. I find myself stretched to my limits and am unable to give this project the attention and urgency it requires.

Due to financial and time limitations, I'm asking you to help me raise $75,000 to aid me in my quest.  I’m willing to put my career and life on hold to ensure a quality manuscript, meaning I would like to commit full time to produce this very important manuscript that can be of immense help to people, current and future all over the world. This is a fraction of what I need but will be investing a lot of my own resources as well.

If I am successful in reaching the funding goal, I plan on finishing this project by the end of 2017. Given my experience with past manuscripts I've written, I don't foresee any significant obstacles to completing this book in a timely manner. I've been very careful to budget the right amount of time and resources at every step of the production process from research, writing, pre-launch marketing, editing, rewriting, editing, completion, production, post launch sales and marketing.

How will the money by used

The funds will be used for the research, production, as well as marketing of the book. 

Producing a quality non-fiction manuscript is not cheap. Vast amount of resources needs to be invested in research, design, publishing, and most importantly marketing. Each step requires costly professional expertise and a talented team to bring the information to life and to the public.

Research will be the most time consuming. Writing comes easily to me as I'm very motivated, inspired, and very passionate about this subject matter as well as this project. Writing will also consume a majority of my time as editing and re-writing are painstaking and costly.

By far the biggest cost will be marketing. I intend to get this book into the hands of as many people as possible, even if I have to give it away.

Making money is not the goal of this project. Enlightening humanity is! Pushing humanity into a direction that will benefit us all is! With me it has never been about the money but about the mark I leave.

This book would make a great guide for middle or high schools students or just about anyone confused on who they are, where they are, and where they want to go in life. As such this will be marketed towards these demographics.

Reward Tiers

There are several reward tiers detailed below to entice crowd funders like you to help push human kind forward in a direction that will benefit us all. Your gift will bring us that much closer to helping people all over the world reach their highest potential and using that passion, power, and purpose to help all of humanity.

$100 Donation = A Personal Thank You and a Free E-Book copy of the Book.

$500 Donation = A Personal Thank You, a Free E-Book & Print copy of the Book.

$1,000 Donation = A Personal Thank You, a Free E-Book & a signed Print copy of the Book, and a Mention in the attribution section.

$5,000 Donation = A Personal Thank You, a Free E-Book & a signed Print copy of the Book, a Mention in the attribution section & Chapter Dedication.

$10,000 Donation = A Personal Thank You, a Free E-Book & a signed Print copy of the Book, a Mention in the attribution section, a Chapter Dedication & an advertising page in the E-Book version.